Need: In 2011, long-time client Wildtree, a direct selling company with independent reps spread out all over the country, needed access to promotional products for the reps and for their teammates. The company, however, didn’t want to have to take on the responsibility of selecting and stocking promotional products, and finding funds (and space) for the inventory.

Solution: We created an online store and stocked the merchandise in Nashville (at our cost) for quick shipping convenience. We also bring that stock (and more) to the company conferences/events during the year for sale on the spot directly to the reps. The result? Year-round ordering and fully stocked tables has resulted in almost double the amount of branded merchandise that was being purchased, and thus double the amount of exposure for the brand. The company has grown like fire since that time, and while we can’t take full credit, we feel like we have certainly played a part =) click Here if you’d like to see the site.