Randy McLellan   President, StitchMark

Randy McLellan
President, StitchMark

After graduating from Belmont University in 2004, I found myself in the wonderful world of promotional products. Over the following 7 years, I learned a lot about branding. I also noticed several deficiencies in the industry. The three that bothered me the most were (1) low standards for quality/design, (2) inefficient processes for ordering and production, and (3) the lack of consultation (i.e., “helpfulness”) on the part of salespeople.

In 2011, with a passion for helping people and very high standards, I started StitchMark. Since day one, we have been committed to never let down our standards to meet a date, to meet a price, or for any reason. Most of the inefficiencies I had witnessed over the years were solved through consistent approval/proofing processes and online stores. In the interest of being the most helpful and the most effective salespeople in the promotional products industry, we take a very consultative approach. That means rather than leaving you to sift through thousands of products in a catalog, we discuss your goals with you - upcoming events, logistics, budget, etc. Then we propose solutions and begin the design process.

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